The Crusade


The Crusade, its journalists, and editors operate within the parameters established and protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The purpose of The Crusade is to inform and entertain its readers.

The Crusade is purely a student publication and therefore does not reflect the thoughts, feelings, or beliefs of The Crusade’s adviser or Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy’s staff. The Crusade staff holds itself to a high standard of professionalism and adheres to this policy.

We will refrain from publishing any slanderous material and do our best to avoid publishing any false information in The Crusade. Our journalists will comply with all laws and regulations established for journalists, therefore we will not invade privacy nor will we publish any material that a source has requested remain “off the record.” We will refrain from publishing any material that has been deemed by our newspaper staff to be inappropriate, libellous, or that which could possibly cause disruption in the school. We reserve the right to accept or decline any advertisement offer.

Profits made by the newspaper will be used and spent internally. We welcome newcomers and contributors to The Crusade, pending internal discussion and student standing research The Crusade staff will hold itself accountable for what it posts on social media. All social media accounts dedicated to The Crusade are subject to and protected by the same policies stated above.

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