Scoops and Rolls Review


A crowded Scoops and Rolls on its second day

On Mar. 15 Scoops and Rolls, a brand new creamery on the northern part of Main St. Broken Arrow, had its grand

opening. Crowds flooded the doors and the line was out the door. People waited up to a half an hour to get a taste of the rolled ice cream.

“It is hard to describe the awesomeness of the rolled ice cream. Like it is sweet and its so soft. All I know is that I am going to keep eating this, its so good,” first time customer David Pettyjohn said.

One of the unique values rolled ice cream has is the entertainment a customer has while waiting for it. Customers get to see their ice cream made right in front of them. People of all ages pack around the counter to get a glimpse of their ice cream being made.

“I feel like you get what you paid for. Mine was six dollars and fifty cents but I got to pick my flavor ice cream and three extra toppings and most importantly it’s delicious, Pettyjohn said.

Zach Gage rolls up a Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream

Zach Gage, a freshmen at Immanuel was recently been hired by Scoops and Rolls.

“For me the best part is rolling the ice cream, it’s actually very satisfying,” Gage said.

Although he enjoys everything on the menu Gage recommend the Strawberry Cheesecake above all other flavors.

With the way the store is rolling now it looks like it will be a long lasting Main St. favorite.