The MCU Takes Flight

Jackson Bush , News Editor/Ad Representative

Last Friday, cinemas were once again showing the latest in Marvel Studios ever expanding universe, as well as giving more context to a future movie that has taken over ten years to surface. The new movie in question is Captain Marvel, an adventure about a woman who has strange memories from two different worlds. She must ultimately discover who she really is when she arrives on Earth in the 1990’s. Junior Drexel King has always had a connection with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

    “When I was young I didn’t really know about the comics. When Avengers came out, I started to watch all of the movies and have seen all of them since,” Drexel said.

    Marvel has created its own narrative of stories based on its ever expanding comic series. The first movie in the MCU was Iron Man, which debuted in 2008. Since then, Marvel has tied all of its movies together in an attempt to make one crossover between them all. Junior Brena Brown also enjoyed this new movie.

    “I really enjoyed how it was not as serious as the other Marvel movies, and it was a nice space out between Infinity War and Endgame,” Brena said.

    An idea that has circulated the MCU fanbase is the idea that Marvel produces more movies than they should. Since 2010, Marvel has consistently released at least one movie per year. Photo editor Camden Barker agrees with this idea.

    “At this point with Marvel just pushing movies out I do believe they should take a break. If Marvel keeps putting out movies like Captain Marvel they are going to become less and less watchable. It was too easy to predict with lazy writing. I know the MCU writers can do much better and this was probably their worst yet,” Camden said.

    With so many movies, it is easy to assume that someone growing up during this time would watch Marvel movies. This conflicts with studios such as the DC Universe (DCU), as well as mainstream media as to who has the best content for the most viewers.

     “Even though DCU has had some bad movies recently, I do prefer watching them over MCU movies. Mostly because I enjoy the darker movies and I love the cast of the DCU. The MCU has been putting out more children movies and they have really started to lighten up the movies too,” Camden said.

    Marvel is just one of the major studios that Disney has acquired over the years. This is the center of another argument, that Disney should not own as much content as they do. Many people are afraid that Disney movies will become to similar, with less diversity than other franchises. Brooklyn Brown has grown up watching Disney movies.

    “I do think Disney might take over the movie industry one day. I don’t think I can name a current movie that isn’t Disney related, Brooklyn said.

    Whatever side a person stands on, Captain Marvel is the last movie before the crossover known as Avengers Endgame and should be considered before seeing Endgame.

    “For me it would depend on the person. If the person wanted to stay on track for Endgame then yes. But this movie was just a filler. But overall every movie helps the Endgame so far so I would recommend this movie to another Marvel fan,” Camden said.