Behind the Songs

Emily Clark, Copy Editor

Every Wednesday, 4th-12th graders at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA) gather in the sanctuary for worship. And, every Wednesday, the Chapel Band is there to lead them. Students engage with them, and enjoy the music they play. However, there is a large amount of work that goes on behind the scenes that is rarely ever acknowledged.

Jackson Bush is one of the lead vocalists in the chapel band. For him, Chapel Band is an opportunity to expand his portfolio. Bush has a special way of preparing for worship.

“I pray… and after I pray individually I usually gather everyone together and we do a group prayer.” Bush said.

Bush has high expectations for the program. He hopes that other students will be moved to join Chapel Band in the future. He values teamwork as a key component in performance. Personally, he wishes to become better at adapting to different keys and being able to sing more harmoniously with the other vocalists.

Jackson Bush prepares for worship by practicing the songs one final time.

Emily Farrell is also a lead vocalist. She has a passion for singing and being in the Chapel Band gives her an opportunity to sing every day. Farrell hopes to recruit a permanent guitar player in the near future. Before the end of the year, she wishes to become better at harmonizing with the other vocalists and playing the guitar.

Lucas Hipskind is the Chapel Band’s percussionist.

“For me it was just kind of the next step after regular band. The marching band was okay, but I really love playing the drum set so that’s what I wanted to pursue.” Hipskind said.

Hipskind is an experienced drummer. However, he still makes time to go over the songs in his head to ensure that he has every part memorized and ready to go. Sometimes, the Chapel Band has little to no practice time before performances and Hipskind admits that this is probably the most difficult aspect of his role. He hopes that, in the future, the Chapel Band will become better at working together.

Lauren Ford is the “tech person” for the Chapel Band. She prepares the powerpoint every week and runs the sound board during worship.

“I chose to be in Chapel Band because I thought it would be fun; and it is.” Ford said.

Her favorite part about Chapel Band is spending time with the people in it. The most challenging aspect for her is learning by trial and error. She hopes that, in the future, more time will be spent on preparation to prevent last-minute anxieties.

Meredith Parker plays the saxophone and helps run sound for the Chapel Band. Chapel Band has helped her continue to be involved with music throughout high school and she has formed a strong bond with its members. She hopes that the Chapel Band will recruit more members in the future, and, hopefully not argue as much over song choices.

Mr. Henry gives Macy Ellis a few helpful tips before chapel.

Garrett McDonald predominately plays the bass guitar. He is a versatile musician who is ready to fill in wherever he is needed. McDonald began playing guitar in sixth grade and instantly adored it. He joined Chapel Band so that he would be able to focus on furthering his skill. Since then, he has become a beloved member of the band.

“My favorite part is being together. I mean, we always have fun together. Sometimes we might argue but we always seem like we’re a family together and we always have fun. McDonald said.

In order to prepare for worship, McDonald runs over the worship songs in his head along with others. He believes that if he focuses on one song too much it might throw him off.

“I like to let loose.” McDonald said.

McDonald is a senior this year and he has high hopes for the Chapel Band after he is gone.

“After I leave I hope they can grow into playing more venues, that they can not only just play in smaller churches but that they can play in other, bigger churches so that we can get the word out and people would look forward to hearing us outside of school.” McDonald said.

Glenn Henry, the adult supervisor and head over the Chapel Band summarizes it best.

“I like to make sure that everybody knows the focus, exactly what we’re doing in Chapel Band. What are you here for? Not just to sing, not just to play, but there is something very important that they should be learning from this, and that is how to lead the people into worship.”