Red’s Pizzeria

Camden Barker, Photo Editor

If you are ever wanting a flavorsome pizza with cheese that fills your everlasting need, Red’s Pizzaria is the place for you. Red’s Pizzaria is a pizza palace located on 2424 W New Orleans St, Broken Arrow, OK. The delicious pizza delivered to you and your family goes perfectly with a mouthwatering Pepsi. Going into Red’s was different compared to the usual pizza place. Instead of the usual work outfits, they dressed in casual clothes. Another noticable detail was they never sounded like robots who were reading a script. Little details like these really go a long way for families who want a quick dinner that is delicious and easy.

Adam Zarski, a junior at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA), has loved Red’s since the first day he walked in.

“I ate my friend’s food and I ate my other friend’s food too. It cost a fair amount but it was worth it for the quantity you got. It was a hefty amount of pizza with big ‘ol honken slices,” Zarski said.

Zarski also remembered his first bite at Red’s Pizzeria like it was yesterday.

“As my teeth sunk into the delicious, soft, fluffy, cheese of the pizzza, and then cracked and crunched through the brittle yet slightly hard baked dough pizza, I thought wow; there is a party in my mouth and this pizza is invited. I can’t even tell you the joy that pizza brought me. It was so good,” Zarski commented.

Junior Liam Carr has been to Red’s Pizzeria several times and can not get enough of it.

“Out of all the pizza joints in Broken Arrow and maybe Tulsa, I would consider it one of the best,” Carr said.

Just like Zarski, Carr is in love with the tasty flavors of Red’s pizza.

“Oh my goodness, all the flavors in it were actually good. I didn’t have all the pizza, I had a chicken bacon ranch pizza. Whatever it is, it was delicious. Would have it again and I’m probably going to have it again soon. Just the flavors, I’m not joking with you the flavors were good,” Carr commented.

Red’s Pizzeria is a well established pizza place that is great tasting for everyone. The different flavors you have with any pizza is well done and should achieve high praise. Overall, Red’s Pizzeria is an amazing pizzeria that everyone should try.