Keeping the Flu Out Of School

Liam Carr , Editor-In-Chief

With last year’s catastrophic chain of events that caused the school shut down for a week, teachers are taking more precautionary steps towards keeping the flu out of the school. This has been a difficult task however, between Feb. 1 and   Mar. 1, there were approximately 150 absent students due to illness or doctor’s appointments.

“From years of teaching I have learned to clean the chairs along with the table, clean the door handles and pencil sharpeners, things you don’t think about on a regular basis,” Ms. Shawn Griffith said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, influenza is most prevalent during the months of December and February. Third grade teacher Mrs. Lori Clark thinks she knows the answer why.

“I think that when the basketball team is going to different schools and spreading germs and then not getting good rest their immune system loses a little power because of that. That is one reason I think why the flu spreads around that time,” Mrs. Clark states.

Mrs. Clark mentioned she does not get the flu shots because she said they do not cover every strain.

“Well first of all I don’t force my kids to get it because they do not like needles, secondly they say the flu shot doesn’t even cover all the strands so I don’t see a point to it,” Mrs. Clark said.

Mrs. Clark thinks that essential oils are a key factor in avoiding the flu, “I think it helps mentally more than physically.

Mrs. Griffith on the other hand thinks that vitamins are the way to keep the flu at bay.

“I drink plenty of orange juice, I take my daily vitamins, and I usually have an airborne”, said Ms. Griffith.

Throughout this flu season many students have gone home sick during the school day. Some teachers have put it upon themselves to keep the school from having another catastrophe by cleaning more and taking care of their students.