Looking Ahead to 2019

What students are looking forward to in this year.

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Fifth through twelfth grade answered a survey that asked themselves, what they would like to see themselves grow in this year

The year 2018 was an incredible year for Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA). Immanuel’s sports programs have been excelling with the girls golf team taking home the class 2A HCAA championship and the boys football team making the playoffs with a record setting season. Academically, Immanuel has added more college courses and is expecting to add a college math course at the beginning of next school year.

Many students at Immanuel are excited for the coming additions to the 2019 year at Immanuel.

“I am really looking forward to having the ability to vote this year, and as for the school I am looking forward to seeing the school grow and become more of a family,” junior Trinity Blackwell said.

Blackwell is enrolled in two of the college courses offered here at Immanuel. She takes both Composition I and II, and is also in the college level biology class.

“These classes are really difficult but I can not wait to finish them because this will make college a little easier,” Blackwell said.  

Immanuel has many student-athletes but Sophomore Ramsey Al-Rawi would consider himself “one of the most prideful of them all”.

“I love basketball. I play it all year around, but I enjoy it the most when I play for the school with my friends,” Al-Rawi said.

He is very excited about the new weightlifting class that is offered at Immanuel. He is ready to work hard so he can become stronger and faster for track and basketball.

“My main goals for this year is to be in the championship game in basketball, get a medal in all the track meets I go to and have good grades throughout the year,” said Al-Rawi.

Eighth grader Hayden Parker also participates in basketball year around. He plays for the ILCA middle school boys team but he also plays for an Amertuar Athletic Union (AAU) basketball team called the Eliminators. One thing Parker was really fired up about was the next football season.

“Garrett, Trenton, Camden, and Logan are leaving. So we all have to step it up,” Parker said.

Third Graders John Winston and Gage Rafferty both want to take home another championship in the Elementary Christian Conference (ECC) basketball league . They were also looking forward to their respective sports.

“I really want to get better in Golf this year,” Winston said.

“I want to be pitcher this year in Baseball,” Rafferty said.  

They both stressed the point that the most important goals for this year are to have fun and grow in their relationship with God this year.

A recent survey was held in ILCA that was for fifth grade all the way through the seniors. The survey asked what do you want to improve the most in this year in school. In the survey students were asked, do you want to improve academically, athletically, improve with relationships, or improve spiritually? 2019 has just begun and students all over the school are wanting to see themselves improve.