Summer Renovations

Liam Carr, Editor-In-Chief

The new school year has had many exciting changes during the summer. Many renovations took place over the summer in the classrooms as well as in the building. A new WiFi network system was placed in the school to help students with their school devices. Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy, (ILCA), added two more dual credit classes, college biology taught by Mrs. Hendricks and personal communications class taught by Mrs. Nelson. The ILCA varsity football team was surprised by acquiring a regulation sized football field at Nienhuis Park.

“I am in such awe when I walk onto the field, playing on that field was really cool,” starting center for the varsity football team number 79 Garrett McDonald said.

During the summer newly appointed athletic director Taylor Mueller contacted the city of Broken Arrow to work out a deal to rent the field. The amount of money ILCA was spending on the football field behind Immanuel, to maintain and preserve the area for football games, was about the same as it is to rent a football stadium at Nienhuis Park.

“We want our high school athletes to play on high school sized venues. That is why we acquired the football field at Nienhuis Park and this year we will play even more games at the basketball court at Rhema and next year we are looking to have some volleyball matches played at Rhema as well,” Headmaster Mr. Zehnder said.

ILCA has its largest middle school football team with 30 teammates. Mr. Zehnder made many “infrastructure changes” in the school over the summer to help the student life. A brand new security system, with camera and audio capabilities, was not only put outside the west main doors but in every entrance in the school to help make the school a safer place. There are only a couple dozen of special keys that can unlock the doors and only the faculty of the school and church possess them.

“The system we had was about 17 years old. The break in at the school was a real wake up call last year, for an update in our school’s security. The safety of the students is one of our highest priorities and I am proud of the new system,” Mr. Zehnder.

“At first it was annoying during school to wait to be let inside but now I understand, and I feel so much safer,” said freshman Kaden Swaim.

ILCA has included a trip to Concordia University for a leadership focused seminar. The school year is still young and there are still new, innovating, and exciting changes expected to happen during the year.

“Of course I am excited for this school year and I can not wait to see how it will go,” Mr. Zehnder said.