Summer Entertainment


Erick Ford

Fords Washington trip will be one she remembers for life

Camden Barker, Photo Editor

The doors of Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA) fly open as students pour in. The fresh new clothes, squeaky clean shoes, and joyful attitudes the students bring make Immanuel a cheerful place for everybody. As the new school year begins, the students’ summers end and so does the freedom of going to bed late and waking up late in the afternoon. The fun times of riding your bicycle around your neighborhood with friends and having a cold drink of lemonade sadly come to a close. Even though the adventures of summer cease, the new memories of school and spending time with friends will come-about.

With summer in the rear view mirror, several students were eager to share their experiences. Drexel King, a junior at ILCA, visited New York over this past summer. King noticed the population difference between Broken Arrow and New York.

“I haven’t been to that many big cities and that was the biggest city I’ve been to. I tell you I’ve never seen so many people in one place,” King said. Not only did King notice the amount of people, he noticed the people themselves; Even the rude ones. “There were a lot of, you know, weird things there. On the street there were, like, half naked people playing the guitar. It was really smelly and there were just people who weren’t nice,” King said.

King even toured Madison Square Garden, home of the New York Knicks professional basketball team. Even though King’s trip was different at times, he still loved the adventurous feeling of being somewhere new.    

“I still just like the big city feel, you know, just walking around with all the cars and the tall buildings. Parts of it were really pretty like the Statue of Liberty. I’ve never been toward like a basketball stadium like that and we even got to see the Knicks’ locker room. They wouldn’t let us go in it but that’s fine,” King said.

While King was touring New York, other students like Stephen, Nolan, and Hudson Long were in Texas and Chicago to watch their favorite baseball team, the San Francisco Giants play. Their dream is to watch the Giants play in every Major League Baseball stadium.

“Our dad is just a fan so he makes us be fans,” Nolan said.

All three brothers agreed that Chicago was their favorite. The great tasting food Chicago had was a memorable moment for the Long family.

“We went to this place on the street called Billy Goat Tavern. The best cheeseburgers we have ever had,” the Long brothers said.  

Even Chicago has weird moments. The Long brothers explained how great tasting a cupcake from an ATM machine tastes.

“Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. You get to watch it come out of the vending machine and it was amazing. It’s a cupcake vending machine. They were really good,” the Longs said.   

Sophomore Lauren Ford, the tech manager for ILCA’s chapel band, went to Washington D.C. for the summer.

“It was a really cool learning experience. I’ve never been to that part of the U.S. so it was very interesting to learn U.S. history,” Ford said.

While in D.C., Ford, much like the other students, noticed the difference in culture and people.

“There was a lot more diversity. All the buildings in D.C. are just beautiful,” Ford said.

The school year is here and in full effect as the hot summer days come to an end. The experiences the students’ had now become distant memories that they can cherish forever.