Crusader Kickoff

Spencer Jennings

Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA) kicked off the 2018 sports season with an electrifying experience! The hype around sports at ILCA began on August 31 when the school held a pep rally that awed the attendants. Football, Volleyball, and Cross Country had their presentations at the rally, but football stuck in the minds of everyone. Football led off the pep rally with flashing lights, a big spotlight, and loud music.

Zach Gage
Coach Price showing off the new turn over bell to everybody at
the pep rally.

There was also announcement of a new home field at Nienhuis Park. This is one of the largest upgrades that the football organization has had since it started. Head football coach, Billy Daves, was in charge of the football display and was very proud of it. When asked about the new football aspects, he said, “I wanted to set the to tone.”

This pep rally led on to a well-fought game that ended in a loss for the Crusaders, but it will go down in history as the start of a new era for ILCA. Starting center, Garrett McDonald, says, “The pep rally was wild and the new field is bomb. I’m really hype for this season.” While the pep rally and new atmosphere of Crusader sports not only brought on motivation for the athletes, it also gave a new sense of school spirit to the students and fans.

“It was exhilarating,” said sophomore Ramsey Al-Rawi about school spirit and new atmosphere, “It was not like any other school pep rally that I’ve been to.” Although everyone may not have the same opinion, it can be agreed that this school year will go down in history for the Crusaders. As for the rest of the football season so far, the Crusaders are 0-3, but there are efforts being made to change this loss streak. Even though “the Cru” has had a rough start at the beginning of this fall season, the enthusiasm around it will still stand with the fans and students until the end.