Back on Track


Keisha Huggins

Their rewards did not come without difficulties. ILCA’s runners kept training hard during the most gruelling practices.

Emily Clark, Staff Reporter

After losing an entire season to COVID-19, the future of Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA)’s track team looked uncertain. However, when Head Coach William Korver stepped in, it seemed there would be some hope after all. Now that the season is over, last year’s COVID-19 crisis is merely an afterthought. ILCA’s track team has accomplished much over the past season, and they don’t plan on slowing their momentum.

The team is composed of running veterans and a few newbies, all of whom have given it their all this season. Freshman Jacob Clark has been running for five years, and was proud of his accomplishments this season. He is determined to continue running and setting goals for the rest of his athletic career.

“I want to reach my goal of running a mile in less than five minutes and thirty seconds so that maybe one day I can get a scholarship,” Clark said.

Clark is well on his way to meeting this objective. Over the course of this past season, he earned seven medals. However, he is not the only athlete who emerged with more than a few awards this season.

Meg Andresen, a seventh grader at ILCA who has also been running for five years, earned a total of twenty-three medals over the course of this year’s cross country and track seasons. This outstanding achievement was the result of hours of practice, hard work, and dedication.

“Sometimes it was hard to keep going and I felt really tired, but it felt good to beat my goal in the end,” Andresen said.

The more experienced members of the track team were not the only ones to break records this school year. Freshman Darriel Price set a school record in shot put. This was her first year to participate in the sport.

“I’ve never run track before, so it was pretty fun to see what it was like,” Price said. “I honestly didn’t think I would end up throwing. At first, I was just doing it to get in shape for basketball.”

None of the goals achieved this season came without hardship.

“Other activities that kept (the athletes) from attending practices caused some challenges. I am very proud. They set a number of personal records and definitely tried their best throughout the whole season.” Korver said.

Despite the unpredictable setbacks that kept the team from attending practices and some meets, they still managed to turn the season into a success. Korver and his athletes have a plan to continue this trend. With cross country practices starting in just over a month, it won’t be long before they hit the ground running once more.