The Popular Pipe Dream, or The Great Awakening?

Since January 7 2021, when a peaceful right-wing rally in Washington, D.C. contained radicals that stormed the capital, the mainstream media has been buzzing with articles about a group often referred to as Q-Anon. Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA) staff and students were asked their opinions about this mysterious organization. 


According to The Book of Q Proofs, which is a compilation of both basic facts about what is referred to as Q-Anon as well as methodology, Q is a separate entity from Anons. Q is an unconfirmed number of people that covertly leaks information in the form of questions, supplemented with short and often vague statements. Anons are individuals that decode and interpret the information, leading to a vast array of conclusions.


With an entity as secretive as Q and a group as undefined as Anons, this leads to many interpretations of what they are. 


Junior Colby Gaines gave his thoughts about the two entities. 


“I think they seem like a crazy group which should have stayed in the depths of the internet,” Gaines stated. 


ILCA’s counselor, Katherine McGrew, echoed the notion of instability around the entities. 


“I know they have an anonymous leader, which makes me very suspect of anything that they put out there. If a leader is not gonna come out and stand for the principles by identity in the way the followers have, then that’s kind of more of a cult,” McGrew said. 


Immanuel Lutheran Church Music Director, Chris Winston expressed caution in definitives about the topic but was not convinced of the organizational abilities of Anons. 


“Everything I’ve heard about Q-Anon has been through newspaper or social media articles. I know that people say they are a right-wing extremist organization that exists in the shadows of the internet and they plan right-wing things, but I think they are a lot less of an organization than people think they are. I think there are probably a couple in there that are nuts, but that is not unique to Q-Anon.”


High School history teacher, Taylor Mueller was different in his perception. 


“I don’t know enough about him or her or them to really make any judgments,” Mueller said. “All I can say is that I hope, if he is or she or they are in fact a real person or group, then I hope what they are doing is for the best of our nation.” 


The stated goal of Q’s posts is to expose in a covert manner governmental and institutional corruption along with mass media’s disinformation and pro-institutional propaganda. This will lead to “The Great Awakening” in which control over the U.S. would return to its people via unclear means and events. 


No group exists in a static state. Activity is crucial to movements which are outside of the mainstream political system. This activity puts the name of Q-Anon on the tongues of ILCA staff and students. 


Gaines cited reported physical activity of Anons during the storming of the capital on January 7, 2021. 


“They are typically associated with the capitol riot, because of the Q-Anon flags and clothes worn at it.” Gaines stated.  


Not everyone in ILCA can agree on the extent to which this organization operates. This further creates mystery that continues to surround this group.


Winston also cited supposedly planned violent activity, which never came to fruition.


“There was supposed to be a Q-Anon attack on the capital in March…but nothing (happened),” stated Winston. 


McGrew talked about informative activity instead by talking about their theories and the vastness of their extent.  


“People who have gotten out of Q-Anon, who have a certain perspective, said you can get any conspiracy theory you want…you can go as far as you want down the rabbit hole into craziness…” McGrew said.


With both physical and information-based actions attributed to Q, the methods employed by Q are also analyzed. 


Mueller offered a common assumption, referencing “the dark web” as a likely source as to where he believes Q operations stem from.


Gaines offered information regarding Q’s methods of sharing information via anonymous messaging boards found on the internet. 


“He uses 4chan posts to enact his “grand operation,” Gaines said.


Q has used the common internet sites 8chan, 8kun, and 4chan. The main feature is anonymity  while using these platforms. 


The question of who is behind Q is a main selling point, as well as a detractor. A commonly cited “proof” of who Q is or at least is involved with is the 45th President, Donald Trump. 


On Monday, January 29, 2018, an Anon asked if Q could use the phrase “tip top” into the State of the Union speech as confirmation of legitimacy. On Monday, April 2, 2018, Trump gave a speech that included the phrase “tip top” during the White House Easter Egg Roll. 


Trump’s exact words were: 


“…and we keep it in tip-top shape. We call it sometimes tippy-top shape. And it’s a great, great place.” Trump stated in reference to the physical stability of the White House. 


On April 2, 2018, an Anon posted “Tip Top Tippy Top Shape.” to a message board in reference to Trump’s speech and Q replied with “It was requested. Did you listen?” 


It is events and “proofs” like these that keep so many convinced and waiting for The Great Awakening, and that for them.


Q has not posted since December 8, 2020. The only action one can take is patience on the matter of Q and their anonymous followers.