Loving Our Neighbor

Emily Clark, Staff Reporter

On January 21, Chloe Shelton, a former second-grade student at Rejoice Christian School, was immediately removed from the playground after telling another female student she had a crush on her. After spending a few hours in the principal’s office, she was told not to return to school the next day. The following day, Rejoice Christian School announced that they had “ended their partnership” with Shelton’s family.

Shortly after the incident occurred, Cable News Network (CNN) published an article entitled, “A 2nd grader at a Christian school was expelled for telling another girl she had a crush on her, mother says.” 

Lori Clark, third-grade teacher at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA), was shocked when she read it.

“I was surprised to see that it had drawn so much attention. It’s unfortunate that both the family and the school are being scrutinized so heavily. I feel like the situation could have been handled much better if it had stayed internal,” Clark said.

Sajin Porter, a senior at ILCA, has his own opinions on the matter.

“It’s very bad business to just use your leverage to cancel someone, kick them out, and then act like you don’t have to deal with the problem. It discourages further partnerships with other people and, I guess from a humanitarian standpoint, you’re just treating people like animals. You don’t want to deal with them so you just don’t do it at all,” Porter said.

Although he admits that the incident itself is difficult to form a definitive opinion about based on the information we have been given so far, Steve Zehnder, headmaster of ILCA, feels that it is important to remember that we should always love one another.

“We have to love our neighbor. Our Christian values and morals haven’t changed. We have to keep doing the same thing Christ calls us to do: serve the lost and love each other,” Zehnder said.