Volleyball Victories

Emily Clark, Staff Reporter

With plenty of new faces, Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy’s (ILCA) volleyball team was a unified force to be reckoned with this season. The girls competed in 12 games and 4 tournaments over the course of the 2020 season. Together, they grew tremendously as individuals and even more importantly, as a team. Team Captain Emily Farrell was proud of the season’s turnout.

“It was cool to see everyone working together by the end of the season.” Farrell said.

Farrell was not the only one amazed by the team’s performance. Coach Krystal August was also impressed with the season’s turnout and recognizes the overwhelming potential of seasons to come.

“It was really awesome to see some of the younger girls stepping up and beginning to lead.” August said.

Though many of the girls that made up the team were either very young or new to the sport altogether, ILCA’s volleyball team was able to work together as a unit by the end of the season.

“Their dedication and commitment will continue to pay off in the future.” August said.