Halloween Cancelled?

The Horror Continues as COVID-19 Continues to Plague the Country


Across the nation, Halloween festivities like this one are being cancelled in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Emily Clark, Staff Reporter

Every year, kids all around the world participate in Halloween festivities. This year, however, the experience is expected to be much different due to COVID-19. Students at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA) are facing similar circumstances.

Emily Farrell, a junior at ILCA, has always looked forward to Halloween.

“It’s my favorite holiday.” Farrell said.

Although her plans for the night are already altered because of her work schedule, Farrell’s previously scheduled Halloween party has been called off as an extra precaution  in light of COVID-19.

“I was planning to get together with all of my friends, but unfortunately we had to cancel so that we could make sure that everyone stayed safe.” Farrell said.

Lily Clark, a sixth grader at ILCA, is also celebrating Halloween a bit differently this year. Instead of performing at the City of Broken Arrow’s Night Out Against Crime or attending her church’s annual fall festival, she will get to spend the evening at home with her family.

“This is the first year that I actually get to spend Halloween at home. It’s kind of nice, but I also wanted to do more Halloween activities with my friends.” Clark said.

Although she has mixed feelings about her current situation, Clark believes that these changes are necessary.

“I’m okay with all of the changes because we need to try our best to keep people from getting sick” Clark said.

Clark’s brother, Jacob, a freshman at ILCA, believes that taking extra precautions is necessary during this time as well.

“I think it is very necessary to make sure that we keep as many people from being exposed to the virus as possible.” Jacob said.

Meg Andresen, a seventh grade student at ILCA, is also in favor of being cautious in order to reduce the risk of potentially spreading the virus. Andresen’s plans for celebrating Halloween this year have not been altered. However, she is concerned about future holidays.

“I’m a little worried that our family won’t be able to visit my grandparents for Christmas, but I also want them to stay healthy.” Andresen said.

Despite the uncertainty about the virus and the imminent changes it will bring, the students at ILCA remain optimistic and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep others safe.

“I know things are going to get better. Until then, we just have to watch out for each other.” Farrell said.