TikTok and Its Trends at ILCA


Spencer Jennings, Social Media Editor

With the start of 2020 comes the official embarkment of the future. 20 years ago, people had visions of flying cars and holographic phones. They visualized cities in the sky, instant transportation, and hover cars. While these visions never became a reality, something like it could be coming soon.

The US has been revolutionized by technology in the last 10 years and continues today. Society has become almost completely automated from watches to refrigerators. Technology runs the modern world.

Proof of this can be seen in the youth. 

Social media plays a massive role in communication amongst middle school and high school students. This leads to a plethora of fads on all the different platforms.

These are seen even in Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA). 

With a significantly smaller student population compared to public institutions, one would expect ILCA to be missing out on some of the most popular trends. While this is somewhat true, students are still involved in most of the popular trends of today.

Nonetheless, according to a survey conducted involving the majority of the ILCA middle school and high school students, students are only lacking in the Nike Air Force 1 trend. Less than 10% of the students surveyed own a pair of Nike Air Force 1’s.

Sophomore Christian Thomas owns a pair of black Nike Air Force 1’s and says, “They are very easy to match with any fit because of the basic look. I like them a lot.”

The trend of wearing these shoes really started after TikTok celebrities made them a part of their look along with the explosion of the VSCO girl trend a few months ago (a trend that led many teen girls to pick up a pair of white Nike Air Force 1’s).

This footwear trend led to people creating “custom” versions of the basic shoe by painting or through a process called hydro dipping. Videos of people creating “custom” Nike Air Force 1’s began to pop up everywhere, especially on TikTok. Teens enjoy watching them because they are seen as satisfying and/or interesting. 

35% of middle school and high school ILCA students reported that they have seen at least 1 Nike Air Force 1 “custom” video.

The majority of trends like these are able to be prominently displayed through TikTok’s platform. TikTok has been around since 2017; however, in the past year, it has become a place where almost every teen seeks fame or entertainment. 

Through TikTok’s unique platform, trends are able to thrive for a few weeks and then are replaced by others.

With over 1 billion users, TikTok uses its extremely high-usage rates in its account holders to make “fame” attainable for all. It is extremely easy for anyone to achieve thousands or even millions of views on the app.

Sophomore Cade Carpenter states, “I made a how-to video and got over 4 million views.” 

Eighth-grader Dayla Hook says in reaction to Cade’s success, “He just made a video that people thought was helpful that no one else made.”

All one has to do is post a video of them following a trend by doing a dance or a challenge and then it is entered into TikTok’s algorithm used to show its users videos. 

Over 60% of ILCA middle school and high school students reported having and using the app, and the majority of them know at least 1 TikTok dance. 

It is uncertain as to what the future holds for teens, but TikTok and its trends have become a norm at this point in time.