Runners Get Set

Camden Barker, Staff Reporter

For the past year, Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA) has been leaving a trail of destruction when it comes to athletics. Volleyball,  football, and basketball have flourished this year and shattered records set before them. Springtime is making its way to ILCA with spring sports starting up. Sadly, golf at ILCA will not be pursued due to a lack of interest. Track, on the other hand, is expanding with every practice. This year, first time track and field coach Taylor Mueller will be directing the track practices with help from outside sources.

Track and field has been expanding every year since first beginning in 2012. For the past few years, the track team has been smaller than desired. This year, Emily Clark, a junior at ILCA, is looking forward to growing with her teammates.

“I’m really happy that we even have a team. Now we have the possibility of placing as a team because we have never done that,” Clark said.

Track and field are heavily based on endurance and strength. For students, a full-year elective weightlifting class was introduced to help students further themselves in their sport. Most sports at ILCA require their players to be inducted into the class to maintain the rigorous effects the sports have on the body. Track and field require all parts of the body to be strong and mobile. Emily Clark gives some credit to weightlifting teacher Coach Clark for helping her further her success in track and field.

“I first started noticing the effects of weightlifting in the past season of cross country. Over the summer I did it pretty consistently and in cross country, my time went way down,” Clark said.

Drexel King, a senior at ILCA, is a first-time track and field athlete. King previously played basketball for ILCA and is ready to put as much work in for track and field as he can.

“I think we can be really good if we work hard and get better,” King said.

Due to King never being involved in track before, he is open to trying the field portion of track and improving on every aspect.

“I want to improve on pretty much everything because I have literally never played track before. I’m just putting in practice time,” King said.

Nik Penka, an 8th grader at ILCA, is an experienced track and field player. Penka is excited about the upcoming track season and strengthening friendships.

“I really like track and field and love going to meets. Being with friends makes it fun,” Penka said.

One goal for Penka this track season is to never quit. He intends to keep his drive to be the best on the middle school team.

“You just have to push yourself. Every time you feel like you have reached your max speed, you just have to try and keep going and get faster. I’m just trying to beat Ramsey Al-Rawi,” Penka said.

Track and field is an exciting sport that provides several unique events that push each athlete to their limits. This year, the track and field team will strive to become better in hopes of winning the state championship. The season will not be easy, but the track and field team will continue to improve and show other schools the winning state-of-mind ILCA possesses.