Scholarships at ILCA- (Liam Carr)


Liam getting really excited for his next opportunity while signing the papers. He is accompanied with his mom Cindy (right) and dad Vince (left).

David Wiles , Reporter

Two senior athletes Liam Carr and Brena Brown at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy recently received athletic scholarships for Concordia University Seward, NE.  There is no doubt that this is a special opportunity for the two of them and the future promises to be bright. 

Senior Liam Carr received and signed on for a football scholarship at Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska.  

Carr said he wasn’t shocked when he heard the news and explained.

“I had been talking with the coaches for a couple of months and then a few months back received a letter of intent.”

Carr admitted that he was a little nervous and added, “The guys will be bigger than what I’m used to, and a lot stronger as well.”

Carr described how he likes the idea of going to Concordia and wouldn’t have chosen any other college. 

In the end, Carr described how of course he hopes to be successful in college but knows, “I will have to work harder.”

Carr’s father Vince Carr expressed similar feelings.

Vince said, “We were very proud of Liam receiving the scholarship and since he is a Lutheran church member, he also received a Lutheran Heritage scholarship.”

Carr described how he thinks Liam is both excited and nervous for this opportunity.

“Starting college is a new experience but he loves the town and the people there and is already quite familiar with the college since his brother went there.”

Vince said, “Liam has worked hard for this opportunity.  He has loved football his whole life and always spends time drawing up new plays, even during church.”

Vince in the end believes that Liam will be successful just like his brothers were, but not without some adversity along the way, that he will have to overcome. 

Liam’s parents were not the only ones excited and proud of this moment, but also Liam’s longtime high school football coach, Billy Daves. 

Daves claimed that he was elated when he heard the news.

“I was aware throughout the season that Concordia was interested in him so I am glad it worked out.  I am proud of Liam for this opportunity and I know Liam will be successful in college.”

Daves described his first interaction with Liam in the summer of 2017 and said, “I knew Liam was a very good teammate and one who would help out others.”

In the end, Daves admitted, “I cannot speak to what my contribution was to this moment but I am humbled to be a part of it.”

High school teacher and another coach of Liam’s at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy, Mr. Taylor Mueller expressed his thoughts on Liam’s scholarship.

Mueller said he wasn’t shocked when he heard the news. 

Similar to Daves, Mueller began to notice Liam’s potential and leadership qualities early on, “when he displayed great leadership potential during games.”

“Liam is both excited and nervous for this opportunity.  It’s a new experience and a full-time job, but Liam has the right kind of attributes for it.”

Mueller said, “Liam should always strive to be better and enjoy the moment.”

Liam broke many records during his time playing football at ILCA, his friends and family expect no different come this fall.  This accomplishment and momentous occasion also came true with senior Brena Brown who will be discussed in the next story.