The Winter Chill That Has Enveloped ILCA


David Wiles , Staff Reporter

The coldest chill of winter has reached Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA).  The thaw of spring will come soon, but for some students and teachers, not soon enough. 

Mr. Tom Koepsel who helps around the school and makes sure everything is running smoothly, was asked if he believed that the school has been able to keep everyone warm so far this winter.

Koepsel replied, “The school has been able to do so, but it is hard to tell for me since I am not in the school enough to correctly tell.”

Koepsel said he hopes, “the school is able to continue to keep all the students warm.”

Koepsel described some precautions that he is taking to make sure the school stay warm including but not limited to, “monthly inspections and calls to Trane.”

Up to this point, Koepsel believes that, “the heater/boiler has been able to handle the weather outside and that not much is different from last year.”

If there were any lessons to be learned from last year, Koepsel would only say, “we learn from our mistakes.”

Freshman Garrett Jones said that so far he has been able to, “stay warm and comfortable.”

Jones adds that up to this point, the school has been able to, “keep himself warm throughout the day but the sanctuary is cold during our chapel.”

Jones said he prefers spring over winter any day.

Jones feels that the school, “doesn’t need to do a lot to make him more comfortable throughout each day, but the sanctuary could be a little warmer during chapel services.”

Senior Caden Suess says that he has been able to tolerate the winter chill so far. 

Suess added that his car has, “for the most part been able to tolerate the winter chill so far as well.”

When asked what he normally includes in his car to keep him warm if it were to break down,

Suess replied, “I keep an ice scraper and a car charger in my car every day.”

Suess said that the school has not been able to keep him warm throughout the day.

Suess added, “It’s not just one room, it is usually the whole building.”

High school teacher Mrs. Ginger Hendricks said that the school has been able to keep everyone warm so far and added that if there were any problems, they were quickly addressed and fixed.

Hendricks described some of the objects that she has in her classroom to make sure everyone in it stays warm.

“A heater, that’s about it.  If it gets really bad, the students are allowed to go to their lockers and get their jackets.”

In the end, Hendricks said up to this point her classroom has been warm enough for her and the students and there are no concerns at this time.

Overall, it appears that the heater has been able to handle the cold weather fairly okay so far this winter, let’s just hope it can make it to spring and handle the cold weather that is yet to come.