XFL Take Two


Liam Carr, Staff Reporter

It has been almost twenty years since the last XFL game was played, in 2001. The XFL was deemed a disaster after just one season and the commissioner folded the league. Thousands and thousands of optimistic fans are eager to see the XFL’s first game of 2020 on February 8th, when the Seattle Dragons face off against the D.C. Defenders.

How Will The XFL Be Different Than The NFL?

There are many exciting innovations that the XFL has made to the rules of traditional football. The main goal for the XFL is to be more exciting and faster-paced than the NFL.  There are a couple of ways that the XFL will be different than the NFL. One is the one foot inbounds rule. Another will be the dedicated ball-spotting official. Furthermore, the XFL will have shorter halftimes. Some major rule changes will be in place during the kickoffs. According to the XFL “college football kickoffs are only 6% of plays but lead to 21% of concussions.” So in order to eliminate the injuries, the XFL will be forcing the kicker to kick it in bounds between the 20-yard line and the endzone. The teams (other than the kicker and the returner) will start five yards away from each other at the 35 and 30-yard line, then when the ball is touched by the returner, the two teams can engage in typical football play.

Another new rule that the XFL will use to hopefully excite fans is the new extra-point rule. When a team scores they will be awarded the usual six points, then they will have the option to start the extra point play from the two-yard line, which will be worth one point, the five-yard line, which will be worth two points, or the ten-yard line which will be worth three points. The XFL does not want teams to punt the ball, so in order to limit punting the ball, the XFL has new rules regarding that if the ball goes out of bounds or is kicked into the endzone it will result as a major touchback and the ball will be placed at the 35-yard line.

How Many Teams Are There? 

There are going to be eight this season but commissioner Oliver Luck plans to expand after the first season. Including the previously mentioned teams, the Seattle Dragons and the New York Guardians, the six other teams are the Saint Louis Battlehawks, the Houston Roughnecks, the Dallas Renegades, the Los Angeles Wildcats, the Tampa Bay Vipers, and the D.C. Defenders. Luck has mentioned that cities that have lost NFL teams due to them moving are targets for the XFL expansion teams, such as San Diego, California, and Oakland, California.

Will This XFL Last Longer Than The Last Time?

Even though the commissioner of 2020 XFL, Oliver Luck, will control the league, Vince McMahon, still owns the league. He has already invested $500,000,000 into the league, which is intended to last for the next three years.

“I really hope the XFL lasts a while because having more football to watch is a big bonus and it was really fun to watch,” alumni Garrett McDonald said.

Will There Be Any Players With Previous Playing Experience

Former Oklahoma Quarterback will be playing for his former OU coach Bob Stoops for the Dallas Renegades. The second-best ranked quarterback from Penn State, Matt McGloin, plays for the New York Guardians. Thee 2014, Ohio State college football champion, Cardelle Jones will play quarterback for the D.C. Defenders.

“I think that the XFL could gain a lot of popularity if they could get some older NFL players to either do the commentary, sideline reporting or maybe even playing in the games,” Brett Gilbert said.

How Long Will The Season Last? 

The XFL will have a ten-week regular season, and then the two best teams from each conference from East and West will play each other in the semifinal games, and then the championship game on Sunday, Apr. 26 capping off the season.

Who Has The Best Odds To Win A Championship? 

The Dallas Renegades is an early favorite to win the championship. The New York Guardians are projected to come in second place followed closely behind by the Los Angeles Wildcats and Tampa Bay Vipers.

“I am sticking for the Dallas Renegades because they have a lot of Sooners on them, like Bobby and Landry Jones and because they are the closest team to Broken Arrow,” Senior Brena Brown said.

Week One Scores

Defenders 31 – Dragons 19

Roughnecks 37  – Wildcats 17

Battlehawks 15 – Renegades 9

Guardians 23 – Vipers 3