All About The New Teachers at ILCA

David Wiles, Reporter

There are two new teachers at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA), who recently joined the school.  Their names are Dr. Chris Beswick and Mrs. Sharon Jones.

Beswick described how he found out about the teaching job because he knew the board president well and was excited at the opportunity.

Beswick said, “I have enjoyed the small class sizes, but also found it sort of a challenge.”

When asked why, he said because he was used to teaching large college classes.

Above all, Beswick said he has enjoyed all the students he has taught so far.

The other new teacher Mrs. Sharon Jones, said her first reaction upon hearing of a teaching job available here was, “shock, because she was retired at the time.”

Jones said she first heard of the available teaching position from her grandson Garrett who had just started school here a few weeks prior.

Jones said she is enjoying the students and the small-class sizes and claims the students are “like students everywhere.”

Above all, Jones said she is “enjoying it”, but can only teach here until the end of the year when the school hopes to hire a full-time teacher for next year.

Principal Mr. Stephen Zehnder said he emailed most of the students here to ask if they had any family members who would be available to teach.  “Mrs. Jones is the grandparent of Garrett in 9th Grade, and Dr. Beswick is friends with Miranda Smith who is the school board president.”

From meeting the new teachers, Zehnder said, “they are wonderful, very Godly, and they love to teach.”
Zehnder said he knows they’ll enjoy it and that they even told him, “they’re enjoying it.”

Zehnder added that these teachers had to be hired because “Mrs. Nelson retired.”

The student body’s opinion of the new teachers is mixed.  Most of the students have said they like them both but some prefer one over the other.  The majority said they feel like they will have to get used to having them around.

High school senior Liam Carr has Mrs. Jones and Dr. Beswick for classes.

Carr claims that his initial thoughts of Mrs. Jones are that, “she is very professional” and is “teaching me things I thought I knew, but didn’t.”

Since Carr is also in the classroom during a Dr. Beswick class, he feels that Dr. Beswick is, “very cool and has a lot to say.”

When asked if the new teachers compare to Mrs. Nelson in any way, Carr said, “yeah” and added, “they’re both good.”

In the end, the new teachers are really excited to have the opportunity to teach here.  Although this occurred in the most sudden and dramatic of circumstances, everyone will eventually get used to having them around and hopefully enjoy their teaching and learn from them.