The End of a Decade is Just the Beginning


Senior Brena Brown and Drexel King reflect on their time at Immanuel by looking through old yearbooks.

Spencer Jennings, Social Media Editor

As the end of this decade comes barreling in, it is common practice that people look back on all the impactful and memorable events that have occurred over the past 10 years. Within a few days, it will be the year 2020. Years ago, some speculated that there would be flying cars and cities in the sky by now. Others recently have turned 18 years of age and are still in disbelief that they will be graduating in a few months. For the class of 2020, this decade has been some of the most influential years of their lives.

At the beginning of the decade, today’s seniors would have only been in third grade. Between then and now, students can look back on all the trends and world events that have occurred. Some of these trends and events include Rebecca Black’s “Friday” being released in 2011, Gangnam Style in 2012, the speculation of the end of the world in 2012, The Harlem Shake in 2013, the Malaysia Airline jet disappearing in 2014, the heated debate of the blue and black (white and gold) dress in 2015, the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2015, the shutdown of Vine in 2016, the total solar eclipse in 2017, and the false missile warning in Hawaii in 2018.

Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy(ILCA) has been around for all of these since it was established in 2002. Currently, there are only two students that have attended ILCA kindergarten through their senior year: Senior Brena Brown and Drexel King. Both of them are ecstatic to move on with life and begin a new chapter. However, in remembrance of their time spent at ILCA, they look back on all the most memorable moments.

“The most memorable moments, for me, are the pep rallies. Getting out of class to go play weird games or dancing to the same songs every year was always fun because I was with my friends,” Senior Brena Brown reflected. It never mattered what the task was, spending time with friends was a large part of Brown’s time at this school.

“My favorite moments have come from my time on the basketball team. Practicing, traveling to games, and playing in the games bring me some of my best memories from this school,” Senior Drexel King said. King has played basketball for ILCA nearly his entire time attending the school.  “I liked spending time with friends and playing the sport I love,” King recounted.

Over large amounts of time, all aspects of life tend to change. Change comes naturally for all people and places. Over ten years, ILCA has made quite an abundance of changes.

“Our sports programs have definitely changed the most. They haven’t just changed, they have significantly improved,” Brown stated. Brown has been involved in sports at Immanuel since third grade. This means that she has been playing sports at Immanuel for the entire decade.

On the other hand, King is unsure whether his environment has changed, or if it is just him changing as a person.

When asked if ILCA has prepared both of them for the next step, their answers were relatively the same. The school has simply “put things into perspective,” according to Brown. King agrees with this statement, stating, “I have definitely grown emotionally within this school.”

Often on the minds of seniors across the country is the question of what comes next?

“Most importantly, I want to be happy with where I am in life,” King concluded.

Within this upcoming decade, Brown and King both plan on completing college and taking the first steps into their careers.