When Do You Get In The Christmas Spirit?


David Wiles , Editor

Holiday items have been on sale for about three months now, and decorations have been out in neighborhoods for about a month now.  When is it too early to set out decorations, start selling holiday-related items in store, and when do you get in the holiday spirit?

Junior Jackson Bush says that the best time to get in the holiday spirit is, “around Thanksgiving day.”

Bush added that he normally gets in the Christmas spirit around that same time.

Bush went on to say that he personally believes stores put up Christmas items for sale so early, “so people can get the shopping out of the way and not stress about it on down the road.”

Senior Caden Suess shared similar ideas.

Suess said that, “The week of Thanksgiving is a good time to start putting up Christmas decorations.”

Suess added to that by saying that anytime before then is too early.

Suess said that he normally gets in the Christmas spirit around the Thanksgiving weekend and thereafter.

Suess described how the constant barrage of Christmas items for sale in stores does not necessarily bother him and that people are just trying to get better deals early before it’s too late. 

Some kids described how their family has traditions that they follow every year and that they also decorate for other holidays. 

Senior Spencer Jennings described how his family starts setting out Christmas decorations, “right after Thanksgiving.”

Jennings believes that stores do not necessarily start selling Christmas items early and described how he liked it and that you didn’t have to rush later.

Jennings said he also decorates for, “Halloween, but mainly Christmas.”

High school teacher Mrs. Ginger Hendricks agreed with Bush and Jennings, but had different answers to a few of the questions asked.

Hendricks said she doesn’t normally get in the Christmas spirit until, “Right after Thanksgiving.”

Hendricks added this is around the time she normally starts putting up Christmas decorations as well.

Hendricks also said stores definitely put up Christmas items for sale way too early, and that most do right after school supplies come down. 

The general consensus from the students interviewed is that they normally do not get in the Christmas spirit until sometime in November.  The rush of Christmas shopping and Christmas items for sale in stores bothers some, but everyone mostly ignores it. No matter what though, everybody should be in the Christmas spirit by this time.  Merry Christmas.