The Plague That Shocked The School

David Wiles, Editor

Illnesses are spreading like wildfire through the school right now.  What is the best way to prevent yourself from falling sick and who might be more at risk than others?

Junior Emily Clark is one of the most recent recipients of the illness that is churning it’s way throughout the school. 

Clark claims that her first thought about getting sick was that she was not surprised and added that she gets sick easily.

When asked what exactly she had and the symptoms that came with it Clark said, “it was like strep throat and had the symptoms of it, but doctors argued that it wasn’t.”

Clark felt like there were protective measures she could have taken that might have helped.

Clark’s message to those who are not sick or those who might end up getting sick soon is to “eat healthy, and get lots of sleep every night.”

Students and teachers are taking protective measures to protect themselves this winter.

High school teacher and athletic director Mr. Taylor Mueller says that some protective measures he takes, includes washing his hands everyday and getting eight hours of sleep every night.

Mr. Mueller describes how he has heard that there is a greater risk of the flu this year but added that he got his flu shot not too long ago.

High school teacher Ms. Shawn Griffith says she, “wipes all tables down every afternoon, wipes the door handles, and urges students to not use water fountains during flu season.”

Ms. Griffith explained how she takes vitamins all the time and has confidence she can remain healthy even with being around students all the time. 

Ms. Griffith believes that overall, the student body will be safe this winter if the right measures are taken. 

School secretary Mrs. Kathy Klein feels that the students and staff are taking enough protective measures to prevent themselves from getting sick, but she reminds students, “to not share food with each other and to always wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.”

Mrs. Klein feels like everyone could improve from years past in the idea of, “making sure teachers and cleaning staff have all the supplies they need in the classroom.”

The general consensus from the teachers interviewed is that even with a large amount of students falling sick lately, they still believe they can remain healthy if the right measures are taken.  If the students and teachers maintain healthy habits, then everyone should pull through just fine this winter.