Technology and it’s Affects on Society

Zac Zarski, Staff Writer

In today’s world electronics devices such as the iPhone, are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury, with almost every facet of our lives revolving around some type of electronic device. Though some people indulge in electronic devices such as the iPhone for luxury use such as playing games, or social media apps for fun rather than for necessity which engrains technology into our lives beyond necessity. What’s important however is if in our day and age if this new necessity in our lives is becoming detrimental to our society or benefiting it.

Several students were interviewed on if they thought iPhones and other such electronic devices were detrimental or beneficial to them. All of the students who were interviewed agreed that the benefits that come with electronic devices far outway the negatives that come with them, however, most students did agree that some disbenefits came with the benefits as all things usually have.

When commenting on the topic, Sophomore Colby Gaines stated “They help me more, technology only improves things. If I need to know something I can just look it up on google, or if I need to call someone I don’t need to find some sort of landline phone to do that.”

The general consensus among students, however, was that the biggest disadvantage that comes with electronic devices is over-use and a general loss of productivity. Freshman, Zane Evans stated; “Yeah, they consume all my time, (Electronic devices) homework doesn’t get done because of it.”

Those interviewed also agreed almost unanimously that someone shouldn’t be receiving electronic devices such as the iPhone before the age of 10, with the general census of when a child should get their first electronic device landing around the age of 13. When expressing his opinion on the matter, Senior Spencer Jennings commented “If a kid were to receive one of today’s newest iPhones I’d definitely say at least like sixth grade-seventh grade. I mean, they have to be mature enough to not bust it, and I mean they’re also bound to do something that’s not responsible for them, but that just comes with the whole learning process of life.”

The students who were interviewed also found that children who received electronic devices before becoming somewhere around 13 seemed kind of disconnected. Jennings had a strong opinion on the matter stating; “Little kids who grow up with phones nowadays, I feel are almost socially awkward. Not like socially awkward, but missing some sort of component that kids who grew up and then we’re introduced to tablets and all that stuff have.”

Technology has loads of benefits, though it has several nasty disbenefits that come with those benefits, and as a society, we’re becoming ever more reliant on said technology as it advances.