Bus Upon A Time


One of the original models that Immamuel looked at for the bus.

Liam Carr, Staff Reporter

At the start of the second semester of 2019, fundraisers began at Immanuel to pay for a brand new bus. At the end of the 2018-2019 school year, the school board and headmaster were pleased to announce that enough money had been raised to buy a new bus. On Friday, Sept. 13, the new bus made its way to the ILCA parking lot. Immediately conversations about getting the bus wrapped began. 

“Originally, it was only going to be the bottom half of the bus, up to the windows, but then the yellow on top would look really bad with the vegas gold,” athletic director Taylor Mueller said. “So then we got the whole side wrapped, and then we got the front and the back wrapped.”

Many students and faculty members are excited about the new bus wrap. Senior Caden Suess said, “Not only is the interior better than the old blue bus but now, the outside of it is so much better than the old bus as well.”

I love it, it makes our school feel bigger. It’s an activity/athletics bus that people will notice,” Math, Economics, Personal Finance, and Computer Science teacher, Assitant Athletic Director, Pep Club Leader, soon to be Senior Class Sponsor, School Mom, #1 Crusader Fan, Head Advisor of Recycling Team, STEM Club Leader, Chromebook Manager, Secondary Office Lady, School Nurse, Part-Time Cheif, Professional Chauffeur, Pig Enthusiast, Christmas Lover, Teen Devotion Leader, Aquatic Animal Keeper, Arts and Crafts Leader, Interior Decorator Mrs. Griffith said.

Not only do people who are associated with ILCA love the bus but the people who helped make it do as well.

“The company that designed the bus told me that it one was the coolest bus wraps they’ve ever designed,” Mueller said.

The bus has been dedicated to former bus driver Joe Boatright because of his seven years of service to ILCA and his driving the old bus “Big Blue”.  

“He drove students safely from in-town field trips to football games all the way out in OKC,”  Freshman Hayden Parker said.  

ILCA looks forward to utilizing the new and improved bus for many years to come.

Image preview
The final design for the bus