Crusader 2019 Football Recap


After winning their fifth straight win the Crusaders gather around for a photo.

Liam Carr, Staff Reporter

The Crusader Football team’s stellar season came to a close on Friday, Nov. 9th against Arkansas Christian with a score of 28-30. This season had many highs and lows for the team. Although the team started out to a perfect 5-0, the struggles off the field caught up to them when they played Claremore Christian and lost 52-6. At one point the roster had 21 players on it but then by the end of the season, it dropped to 14 players. After that game, the Crusader’s numbers began to dwindle and they ended up winning just one more game throughout the season. Despite all of the adversity, the core of the team showed their true colors. The Crusaders set many records this year but they were most proud of being the first Crusaders football team to win their season opener. 

I would call our season a success. We had multiple team goals this season and accomplished all of them except for winning the school’s first state championship (in football),” Head Coach Billy Daves said. 

Defensively, Immanuel had one of the best seasons in history. Immanuel’s defense was not scored on for three straight games. 

“I felt like on the field we communicated very well and the coaches did a great job of putting us where we needed to be,” senior Immanuel student Adam Zarski said. 

Another new addition to Immanuel’s season was a co-op partnership with Eagle Point Christian Academy (EPCA) in Sapulpa, OK. Many wondered how the rival schools would get along. 

“I got along with teammates. After a short time, we were like a family, senior Brian Lamb from EPCA said. 

Homeschooler Terrin Hayter said “My favorite moment would have to be our last game. Because after taking a loss in such a close game, how everyone stayed positive and it really showed how much we had grown in a brotherhood.” 

“The best (example) to (explain) our team was like a V-8 engine, Zarski Literally all eight guys on the field have to do their job to make the whole thing work. If one guy tries to do too much and be a hero the team breaks down. If one guy fails at his assignment the coaches gave him the team breaks. As long as we were all on the same page, it worked beautifully.”  

The Crusaders’ record-setting season set the bar high for the future Immanuel football teams. Immanuel’s season The 2019 Crusaders football team will be one to remember for years to come. 

The ILCA upperclassman. (left to right) Spencer Jennings, Ramsey Al-Rawi, Liam Carr, Adam Zarski.