Reformation Fair Success

The Reformation Fair held at ILCA (Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy) was viewed as a success by students and teachers alike.  It is very likely that this event will be held by Immanuel for years to come.  

Mrs. Lori Clark who is the third grade teacher at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy and an integral force behind the Fair describes the event and her role.

“The first year we made it into a community event,” she said.

Clark went on to mention that the school’s role in preparing for the event was mainly to, “Combine Reformation theme with Martin Luther.”

She claims that there are, “things to improve for next year, “ but overall, the fair was a success.

When asked if this could lead to similar events like this in the future or maybe something even bigger, Clark replied, “It will continue to grow.” 

Clark added that, “Each year we will get more Renaissance vendors and get more interest.”

Mrs. Carrie Ann Swaim who helps out around the church, along with Clark played an integral role in making the fair.

Swaim described the event and her role, “I planned it along with Mrs. Clark.”

Unlike Clark, Swaim said, “There were no expectations since it was the first time.”

Swaim said that, “Everything is already set for next year and vendors and volunteers are already interested.”

Junior Jackson Bush who performed with the school band at the fair said that in his view, the fair did not feel like a success and that it was poorly executed.”

Bush added that in his opinion he had a good time and said, “It failed but it was still nice.”

Overall, the general consensus is that the fair succeeded in what it was trying to do, but there are some things that everyone believes can be improved upon before next year.  The Immanuel community hopes that it will only grow from here.