Fright Night Fear


Camden Barker

Langley Sixkiller, Niece of Senior Camden Barker, Striking a Pose in Her Buzz Lightyear Costume

Jordan Suess, Staff Reporter

     Many children have quit trick-or-treating due to previous incidents that have harmed kids over the past years and could also impact those who trick-or-treats at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA). Although Immnauel is a Christian school, there are a few students who have either decided to quit participating, or have stopped due to parental concerns. Sixth grader Meg Andresen has a few opinions on the matter.

Andresen talked excitedly about her plans of trick-or-treating and how her safety is not at risk due to her tradition of going door to door. 

     “I usually trick-or-treat in my grandparents’ neighborhood and it’s really nice,” she stated. Andresen feels as though there should be boundaries, but as kids get older they become more responsible.

     Andresen did not expressed any safety issues, but is still concerned about anything that could happen. Her parents do not express any safety issues either, although they usually trick-or-treat with her and supervise her.

     Seventh grader Warrick Petit has taken more safety precautions as a friend of his received some tainted candy a few years ago supposedly infused with Cocaine. There are many factors that have pulled Petit away from trick-or-treating such as weather, safety, and previous incidents that have taken place. He feels as though parents should take more safety precautions and supervise their children more.

     Eighth grader Dayla Hook, however, is not concerned about safety as no previous incidents have affected her. She feels as though safety has improved over the years and the neighborhood she trick-or-treats in is very safe. She stated that Children are aware of safety issues but they don’t care.

     Overall, the safety of children during Halloween is an afterthought to most as they feel they are doing the most to keep themselves safe and aware of all possible dangers they may encounter on the frightful night.