An October Winter

David Wiles, Editor

The weather has taken a drastic turn in the past few weeks and it created a state of shock throughout the school.

Mr. Tom Koepsel who makes sure the school is always running properly claims that, “The school is prepared for anything.”

Koepsel says that, “Our AC/heater is inspected 4 times a year and shovelers are ready to salt the parking lot if there is snow.”

When asked what the consequences would be if the school were not prepared, Koepsel replied, “We would have to shut down.”

Koepsel did add that he personally believes that, “We learn from our mistakes in the past.”

Students and teachers alike echoed similar thinking on if the school is prepared and ready for the winter ahead. 

High school teacher Mrs. Gayla Nelson offered her opinion on if she is prepared,

“I have bought a new coat and made sure my house is prepared.  I will be sure to bring in my porch plants tonight before the first freeze.”

When Nelson was asked if she believed the school was prepared to handle cold weather, she said, “I hope they are.  I hope the heater is working properly, unlike last year.”

Sophomore Sarah Khalil is undaunted by the frigid temperatures ahead and feels confident the school can handle a few cold days. Senior Spencer Jennings, however, described how he did not like the sudden change in seasons and noted that, “I wish it was more gradual.”

Jennings did add that he believed the school is prepared but that, “they need to ventilate the classrooms more.”

The general consensus is that the sudden change of seasons caught many teachers and students off guard.  The teachers and students will have to make sure they are all prepared for the cold weather that is yet to come.