Views on Education

Zac Zarski, Staff Reporter

The subject of education is an important one, as it impacts the future of our country and its workers in a tremendous way, but it is also important that students value what they’re learning in school. Students interviewed on the value of education, unanimously agreed that it had some type of merit outside of school. When asked if he valued the education he’d been receiving at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA), Senior Camden Barker stated¬† “I value it very much, you know we get some help that public schools don’t get, but we also don’t have everything public schools get. I do value it because I’m going to need it in the future. When I go off to college, and when I get my career on track, and when I grow up and have kids, I’ll have to teach them the things I learned from school which would be Immanuel.”

Students at ILCA also have a plethora of different career plans. When students were asked what class would help them outside of school their answers varied greatly because of this fact. Junior Lauren Ford explained which class she thought would benefit her the most once she entered a work environment and said:¬†“I’d say-like algebra-because it is used a lot for formulas and stuff.”

Students agreed that almost every class has some type of purpose or use outside of school, though a small portion of students felt that some elements of core subjects can lose their usefulness a bit. Barker explained his perspective as to which class he thinks is the least important in the grand scheme of things. “I’d actually say science, because I’m not going go outside and measure the grass every other day for like the next 6 months to see how much it grew in inches and then translate that to centimeters and then find the volume of the dew on the ground.”

Many students also felt that ILCA’s curriculum could be improved upon in some way. While explaining what she thought could be improved with the school’s curriculum Ford stated “Asking them (students) what they just talked about, to see if they actually heard it or listened to it, cause I know most of the time we’re basically falling asleep in class. Whenever you’re put on the spot and you actually have to think about it, you retain it more.”

Though students find that some aspects of the school are fine, they’ve also found many places and subjects in which ILCA can be improved.