Crowning Immanuel’s Royalty


Seniors Liam Carr and Brena Brown posing after being announced homecoming king and queen.

Jordan Suess, Staff Reporter

   The announcement of seniors Liam Carr and Brena Brown as homecoming king and queen was a surprise to some and an expectation to others. Carr and Brown’s time at Immanuel have contributed greatly to their announcement of king and queen as well as their deserving attitude of the announcement.

     Carr’s participation in school activities and his overall activeness at Immanuel has helped his campaign as well as his “good looks” as Carr quoted. Carr feels that being a senior has also helped as it is tradition to pick a senior due to it being their last year of highschool.

      “Four candidates were seniors and all the guys thought it was a foot race,” Carr stated. Carr said he would not be surprised if any of the other candidates won including freshman Jordan Suess. Carr said that he expected senior Adam Zarski to win because of his well known comedic characteristics and popularity. 

     “He is the best quarterback,” freshman Zane Evans said of Carr. Evans believes Carr’s popularity and athletic ability boosted his campaign and elevated his status. Evans also said Carr’s age was another factor that lead him to vote for him. 

     Brown voiced a similar opinion and stated, “Seniors are sort of favored in that pool.” 

     She, like Carr and Evans, also believes her seniority and activeness at the school lead people to vote for her as well as her charismatic and charming personality. She did not expect to win and did not campaign, making her announcement surprising to her. She thought senior Trinity Blackwell was a good runner up.

     Carr, along with Evans, said that most people voted for Brown because of her age, but she won because of her activeness at Immanuel. Evans also said Brown’s attendance at Immanuel and her popularity felt like that made her the obvious choice to vote for. Evans thought Junior Emily Clark would make a good runner up for queen as he feels she was an overlooked candidate.

     Although the selection of candidates for this year’s homecoming was a small one, it consisted of many hard working and active students.