Where Does The School’s Money Go?

David Wiles, Staff Reporter

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The question of where the school money goes to has been in heavy rotation around Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA).  The answers will finally be revealed to all students. 

School treasurer Mrs. Kayla Brinkman went into detail about where the school money goes to,

“It goes to utilities, school lunches, curriculum, fuel for the bus.”

Brinkman mentioned about how much of the money received goes to necessities that the school needs, “All of it.  That’s how we pay the bills.”

When pressured into admitting if the school receives an adequate amount of money, Brinkman replied, “We always do.  The money comes from donations and parents and church members.”

Brinkman also admitted that receiving money from other sources “would be nice, but we can’t.” 

Headmaster Steven Zehnder went into detail on why the tuition is being raised year after year, “We raise tuition based off of the cost of living.” 

Headmaster Zehnder added that students can ask their parents about what that means.

Teachers and students have offered their insight into where the school’s money goes to from their knowledge.

High school math teacher Ms. Shawn Griffith mentioned that she has heard that the school’s money goes to, “updating curriculum, maintaining facilities, and getting new lockers.”

Griffith also described how, “PTL fundraisers are always helpful and the bus fundraiser for our new bus was a success.” When she was asked if she believed the school should create more fundraisers to gain more money, 

High school senior Caden Suess was asked similar questions but came up with slightly different answers.  Suess believes the school’s money goes to, “The teachers’ salary and the recently purchased bus.”

When he was asked if he believed the money goes toward something good and desired, Suess replied, “mainly toward desired things.

The consensus overall is that the school’s money goes toward the necessities that the school needs and that the school receives the most adequate amount of money that is needed.  Anything more would always be desired, but is never required.