The Trump Debate

Camden Barker, Staff Reporter

As the presidential Primaries begin, people are considering if Donald Trump can hold his own and compete with the other qualified politicians. While some of America is already planning on who to vote for, Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA) staff and students have their own views on who should be able to run the country. The President of the United States is a crucial component of keeping the United States safe and the border secure. Through President Donald J. Trump’s past three years, he has had mixed reviews on the way he has run the country. With the years he has served, Trump has had several controversial accusations that have either strengthened his campaign or weakened it.

Although most allegations against President Trump have not been proven to be true, some people still believe and assume that he has done these terrible claims. Students like sophomore Zach Gage refuse to believe anything negative about President Trump without solid proof and evidence.

“I don’t care about all those fake things the Democrats throw out there. Hopefully, they aren’t real. If they are real then I’d be pretty mad but I doubt they would be. Just because they are just now coming out with it instead of earlier just because he is president,” Gage said.

For the amount of time President Trump has been in office, he has pushed out several executive orders that have either helped the nation or divide it further. Popular issues discussed on news networks include immigration and border security issues.

Although no action has been done to secure the so-called “wall,” many people still disagree with the way President Trump is putting it out. Gage, however, is still on the fence.

“The immigrants do work hard when they enter our country, they work hard for the companies and what they work for. But it is good because some of them were criminals who did illegal things,” Gages said.

Whether somebody determines a person’s credibility before or after being in office is up to the individual voter. Mrs. Katherine McGrew, the school counselor, and middle school English teacher has a strong opinion about the Executive Branch. Mrs. McGrew believes that President Trump does not have the patience to run a country.

“I think it is very frustrating for him, democracy takes a lot of time. The more controversial the issue, the more important, the bigger the issue, the more time it takes to solve that issue,” Mrs. McGrew said.

Mrs. McGrew does not diminish the value of patience needed from someone in the President’s office. She knows and believes that all presidents are in that way when they first come into the White House.

“They come in with certain social issues that they want to take care of in a way they think will help the nation. But then usually we have all these foreign issues, crises, attacks, wars, and things like that where it takes up a huge amount of time and it takes away from their social issues,” Mrs. McGrew said.

Mrs. McGrew, a Republican, does agree with many of her party’s views and policies. The only issue she has found is the way they are construed and done.

“I don’t like the way they are enacted. It’s not the idea behind the policy, it’s the way it’s done. Immigration is a horribly hard thing to figure out. I don’t think we can ever be an isolationist nation and I don’t think God wants us to be that as a nation of Christianity. We are to help the poor,” Mrs. McGrew said.

With the diversity of ILCA, people are able to view different topics in their own opinion. Sajin Porter, a junior at ILCA, has a different school of thought compared to Mrs. McGrew.

“He could have sat there with his airplane made of gold but he chose to experience some of the hardships or at least listen to some of the hardships that middle-class Americans live with,” Porter said.

Similar to Gage, Porter believes the main policy that should be pushed is border security.

“When you have an influx with people there’s no chance of raising the minimum wage If you raise the minimum wage for a certain group of people things are gonna skyrocket for the rest of people and I guess is having this middle class or cheap labor? If you stop importing cheap labor then wages can rise naturally over time (rather) than being stagnant,” Porter said.

With political division running rampant in America, arguments and disagreements are ongoing in the world of government. 2020 will be an interesting battle between the challenging Democratic Party and President Trump.