Riding in Luxury


Spencer Jennings, Social Media Editor

Alarms blared, and fire trucks tore down the city streets as the excitement peaked for the Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy(ILCA) students. The exhilaration began that morning, Friday the 13th of September, on the two-hour bus ride to Oklahoma City. It was the first time using the bus on a school trip since it was delivered on Sept. 3. The previous bus that ILCA owned could hardly make a 30-minute drive, so the new mode of transportation is a significant upgrade.

“I love the bus,” says Headmaster Steve Zehnder.

The new bus is equipped with a brand new airconditioning and heating system. It fits up to 77 students and was refurbished with a new and clean interior and exterior. An estimated $47,000 was raised by staff and Immanuel church members. Parents of students ranging from the preschool to the high school also contributed. A very special contribution was made by Paragon Films for Christ that fulfilled the difference between what was raised and the price of the bus.

As for the quality of the purchase, students seem to be satisfied. The art trip that was taken on Sept. 13 was a success. There were no mechanical issues with the bus on the two-hour drive.

“I wish there was more legroom,” Sophomore Christian Thomas mentioned.

“I had to sit in weird positions to be comfortable at all,” Thomas said. This same issue was found with some of the other students that attended the trip.

“The bus is definitely meant for smaller kids,” says Sophomore Heidi Fine, “but it is not that big of a problem.” The newer aspects of the bus seem to outweigh the smaller details such as the undersized seats.

The new bus is a very impactful addition to the ILCA transportation fleet. It will continue to be used for the many field trips and away games that are played every year.