A Fire That Shocked The School


The flood in the Narthex immediately after the sprinklers shut off on the night of Sept. 4.

David Wiles, Staff Reporter

Students are in shock over a fire that occurred at school on the night of Sept 4. Many are wondering who caused this and how long it will take for repairs to be made.

Headmaster Stephen Zehnder described the situation in detail.

“Some people from church noticed a fire that had been put out by the sprinkler system, which was still running. A bucket had fallen on the water boiler which created a fire. They called the fire department and called the restoration company. They brought in fans to dehumidify the air.”

When asked if the janitor has had a past history with this school or how long she has been working here, Mr. Zehnder answered, “She’s always been a trustworthy person.”

High school math teacher Ms. Shawn Griffith described her feelings upon first hearing about the fire.

“I was very shocked to hear about the fire.”

The usage of the fans to dehumidify the air has caused students to complain about the disturbance it has inflicted in their daily student life.

Senior Drexel King described his opinion on the fans.

“It kind of bothered me.  The fan’s usage in the bathroom while I was using the restroom, bothered me more.”

When asked if he appreciates the purpose of the fans, King answered, “I can see why they were there. They were a nuisance though.”

Senior Caden Suess explained how he did not find the fans too annoying except when out in the hallway.

“I learned to ignore them,” Suess said, “It was hard to, but I eventually did. The bathroom fans were annoying because it was hard to walk around them.”

Teachers have complained about the fans as well.

“I am glad the fans were here, but they were loud and caused quite a bit of distraction,” Ms. Griffith said.

Church secretary Mrs. Christy Hackler described how she is the restoration company’s contact person who passes the information to Mr. Tom Koepsel.

The plans to finish restoring the bathrooms is time consuming.

“The walls were still wet as of last Friday”, Hackler said.  The bathrooms will have to be remodeled. They will start with the men’s bathroom on Friday Sept. 20 and then repair the women’s next.”  Repairs will take “a lot longer than expected.”