A New Club Is In Town


Taylor Mueller

The fans go wild as the Crusaders scored the final point.

Liam Carr , Staff Reporter

On the game-winning point, the crowd roared like never before. The Crusader’s volleyball team swept the match in the first three sets. 

“I love how I can hear people cheering my name as I play, I think it really makes a difference.” Sophomore Emily Farrell said. “Compared to last year’s volleyball games, this year’s are way more fun and way louder.”

Crusaders would agree that this is due to the newest club addition to Immanuel, the Pep Club. Over the summer Ms. Shawn Griffith established the pep club to “raise school pride and school spirit among students.” Every Tuesday, the Pep Club meets to discuss ways that they can inspire students and brainstorm creative ways to keep students excited.

“We plan pep rallies, homecoming week, and the parade. My favorite part is the new Crusader flag. It is awesome,” sophomore Christain Thomas said.

The flag has been a key part in raising the roof at sporting events.

“When we bring it to cross country meets, we wave the flag around and other schools come up to us and ask where did you get that because we need that,” Mrs. Griffith said.

Cross Country runner Zach Gage sees the flag as a source of inspiration.

“When I’m running, I am not really focused on a whole lot of things, but when I see the flag and see people cheering for me I dig deep down and push harder.”

The Crusader’s football team is very pleased with the pep club as well.

“On the game versus Bowlegs, when it was the fourth quarter with 41 seconds left and the score was 16-10 (Crusader’s were winning), the crowd was so loud and intense like never before, it was awesome,” freshman Hayden Parker said.

The Crusaders are off to a record start all around in fall sports. Some could draw a parallel to starting of the pep club and the Crusaders best start in school history. The Pep Club has their work cut out for them however, because of the fantastic start consistent attendance from students and parents will be required for them through the year.