New Year, New Rules, New Looks

Zac Zarski, Staff Reporter

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With the start of a new school year comes new rules of which we have only one. The newest rule that has been implemented at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy revolves around facial hair. This new rule allows students to grow facial hair. There are no exceptions to this beard rule so students can go crazy with what they decide to grow on their faces, as long as they are well shaven. The rule was decided upon by Mr. Zehnder who makes most of the rules here at ILCA occasionally running the bigger rules by the school board. Mr. Zehnder currently has no new rules in the works and is not planning on implementing any more rules, though he does plan to enforce the dress code more strictly. Due to time constraints and Mr. Zehnder’s busy schedule he was unable to comment on the lockers. 

When asked what his biggest motivation was when it came to creating new rules Mr. Zehnder said. “Well, I think the rules that are in place are important because we want to make sure the integrity of the classroom – that the teaching that is going on in the classroom is effective and that there are not any distractions in the classroom.” 

Several high school students are of the opinion that the lockers are too thin making it hard to store binders and other books inside them. Some students think the lockers are far too difficult to open and take too long to open which could possibly make them late for their classes. One student even stated that the removal of the combination locks would be an overall improvement.

Students generally favored Mr. Zehnder’s decision to allow facial hair, though students, however, did criticize the school’s policy regarding the dress code. One of the interviewed students thought that sweatpants should be allowed since ILCA sells them. Another student had a more radical view on the dress code and thought it should be completely phased out, with students being able to wear whatever they want. One student also thought that the school’s policy on phones and headphones was incorrect and possibly counterproductive. Stating that music helps them work and helps them tune out other students so they can focus better.  

Students will have to adjust to the new rules and the ever-changing school that they go to and prepare for the coming future.