Rex’s Chicken Review

Rex’s Chicken has been around for a very long time.  Usually it gets lost in discussion because of all the other great chicken restaurants.  Veron McFarland, founder of Rex’s Chicken, discovered a new way to prepare chicken. Shortly after that, the first Rex’s Chicken opened. Seventh grade student Abby Stephens is a Rex’s Chicken fan. Stephens said that the chicken tasted good and that she enjoyed the seasoning on the chicken.  Stephens said the best part of Rex’s Chicken was Rex’s sauce.

“It was like Canes’ sauce but sweeter,” Stephens said.

Stephens had no complaint about Rex’s food.  

Two juniors, Liam Carr and Camden Barker tried Rex’s Chicken. Barker loved the chicken.

”It was perfectly meaty, it was amazing. Rex’s Chicken is better than Canes, mostly because the fries were crispy and comes out hot.  The drinks there are like syrupy good,”Barker said.

The only complaint Barker had was the prices.

“If it wasn’t for all the high prices then it would be alot better than canes.”

Barker said that he had to wait a while before he acquired his food.  Barker also talked about how the workers there were nice.

Carr also agreed that the chicken tasted good.

“It was juicy it was flavorful the breading on it like the fried part was very crunchy and it was nice,” Carr said.

Despite the good tasting food, Carr said that the restaurant was sloppy and service was poor.  

Although the chicken was quite dry the sides were very flavorful.  I had Okra, fried jalapeño pieces, and a lone fry with my meal.  Rex’s sauce complimented the chicken. This would be a great place for a family to have dinner.