Warren Theatre Review


Liam Ferguson

The Warren Theatre shines with vibrant colors

Camden Barker, Photo Editor

Movies are blowing up in the box office right now. Avengers: Endgame is an example and it has been shattering records since its release date. People watch movies like these in theatres, but which is the best theatre to watch them in? The Warren Theatre has been hailed as the best in Broken Arrow. With its timely movies and classy interior, the Warren provides luxurious entertainment for every Immanuel student who loves watching movies while being comfortable. The multiple screening rooms, the reclining chairs, and the tasty snacks provide an amazing movie theatre experience.

Junior Liam Carr, a former employee, has loved the Warren Theatre since it first opened in 2014. Carr has enjoyed every movie he has seen at the Warren.

“I go there for every movie when I see a movie I go to the Warren. When I want to see a movie I am not going to go to Cinemark I am going to go to the Warren,” Carr said.

Carr also believes that the Warren Theatre is the highest quality theatre compared to any other theatre right now.

“In all aspects, the Warren is the best. It is much nicer, more well kept, the food is better. Everything else is top notch and better than any other theatre,” Carr said.

Now when it comes to being comfortable, Carr knows for a fact the Warren is better.

“Everything is super high quality, the seats are so nice you get two armrests, it isn’t a loud crowded place,” Carr said.

Macy Ellis, an eighth grader at Immanuel, loves the physical allure of the Warren Theatre. The retro outside alines with the 21st-century interior and provides a unique setting that other theatres do not usually have.

“The warren is great because it is really big and really modern. I like the size of it, it is really nice,” Ellis said.

Not only is the Warren just a theatre, but it has a diner inside too called the Warren Diner. People are able to lounge, eat and relax before, during, or after a movie.

“I really like the diner, I like taking an actual meal into the theatre instead of snacks,” Ellis said.

Jordan Suess, an eighth-grader at Immanuel, loves the atmoshpere and the features that the Warren gives.

“The overall environment is cool. It has certain features that the average movie theatre wouldn’t have,” Suess said.

Everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable while watching a movie and Suess believes the Warren provides those features.

“Reclining chairs is a huge feature for me. Certain cut off areas only accessible to certain people makes me feel comfortable while relaxing. Overall the Warren is the best,” Suess said.

The Warren Theatre located at 1700 Aspen Creek Dr, Broken Arrow, OK, is a well-established theatre for all ages.  Parents can sit at the diner and eat a fine meal while watching the children play in the arcade. The Warren Theatre overall is an amazing theatre that deserves all of the praise it gets.