Responsibility of Being a Christian Teacher

Jackson Bush , News Editor/Ad Representative

    For many types of students, school would not be the same without the teachers that choose to further accelerate their learning abilities. Some teachers have to tackle more than just core subjects however, such as a sports or drama coach. None hold the same responsibilities as teaching faith, which is what teachers at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA) task themselves with everyday. These individuals oversee the development in students´ faith and help them with any questions they may have. For Ms. Shawn Griffith, her inspiration for teaching at ILCA came after several years.

    ¨I had been teaching online for 20 years and I missed the student-teacher interaction. I prayed to God and knew that he was sending me here,” Ms. Griffith said.

    She mentions how she has always felt called to be a teacher, and how she shows it through character mainly, as she believes it is harder to show examples of faith through math alone. Unlike other secular schools, Immanuel has guidelines of how a person should act based on the core practices of the faith.

    ¨It would be wrong to say that Immanuel has better morals than public schools because many Christians teach at public schools. It is helpful to have beliefs at a christian school because it is easier to then have a belief in Jesus,” Ms. Griffith said.

    There are differences in the rights that some teachers at public schools have to profess their faith, but Ms. Griffith believes that it does not separate the quality that these teachers can bring to their job.

    ¨There is no difference in qualities but the character is the same. It depends on how someone exhibits their character. As Christians we have to have better character because people judge us on our actions,¨ Ms. Griffith.

    Understanding her relationship with the school for the last several years, Ms. Griffith reflects on what could happen next.

    ¨This is my favorite environment and I don’t see myself moving in any direction. You never know where God will call you to be,” Ms. Griffith said.  

One of the newest additions to the Immanuel staff, Mr. Taylor Mueller, also teaches his students in both modern history as well as religious practices.

    ¨I am very blessed to be two years out of college and teaching. I love working with the staff and the students, as well as sharing faith in a cool atmosphere,” Mr. Mueller said.

    This profession has certain requirements for a teacher to have, and for teachers at ILCA, these must be balanced with the ability to teach others about the christian faith.

    ¨You need lots of patience, as well as a loving heart and the skill to be genuine with others. You can’t treat everyone the same either,¨ Mr. Mueller said.

    Patience cannot always be the same, and although there are many bright sides to teaching, there are also complications in any job field.

    ¨Everyday something can be frustrating, but you have to remember why you are here. It feels more rewarding than challenging when you are helping someone grow, which can be harder.

    Another teacher who shares her faith at ILCA is Mrs. Ginger Hendricks. She began teaching at Immanuel in 2013, and is the science teacher for middle school and high school.

    ¨It is an easier and more open place to discus solutions for problems and to have students influence plans for the future,¨ Mrs. Hendricks said.

    It can sometimes be challenging when secular and religious teachings are combated in the classroom, and it can especially be the case when talking about a subject such as evolution.

    ¨Their is a huge push to justify evolution, when in reality we should enjoy things for what they are. We do not always have to make sense of everything,¨ Mrs. Hendricks said.

    These teachers have found a way to balance their teaching duties as well as their faith based ones, while some have combined the two to enhance the ILCA experience. This is the responsibility of a teacher at Immanuel.