The Summer Volleyball improvement


Christian Thomas, Sports Editor

There is a possibility there will be a varsity and a junior varsity volleyball team this upcoming season for Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy. Many of the players are working extremely hard to make the varsity team next season. In doing so some of the girls on the team joined a Broken Arrow volleyball league to help improve for next season.

Freshmen Ella Tucker has been on multiple teams to help improve her game for her volleyball career and stated she is spending time, “practicing more with the team and developing the skills at home and working with my sister Mia on setting,” Tucker said.

Attending the Broken Arrow league has also helped the new girls develop their volleyball skills.

“We have improved a lot, those who are new to volleyball have learned all the basics to volleyball like bumping setting and hitting. It also helps me see their strengths and weakness so then I could help them grow in those areas that they need help in,” Tucker said,

Although there is always room for improvement they are trying to practice on what they need to work on.

“I am trying to work on serving, working on bump set and spike as a whole team,” seventh grader April Thomas said.

Coach Krystal August has stressed the necessity of the summer off season improvement.

“It’s vitally important to practice over the summer. If we want to win, we have to put in work,” coach August said.

Immanuel fans wait eagerly  to see if the summer improvement pay off for next season.