Avengers Endgame Review (Spoiler Free)

Without a doubt, Avengers Endgame was the most anticipated movie since 2014, when it was first announced. When Marvel and Disney first collaborated on making quality superhero movies, they announced a 22 movie project phase over the span of eleven years and Endgame being the last movie of that era. Thousands of theatres were sold out across the nation, filled with bustling fans wondering what would happen with their favorite heroes.

“Eleven years worth of waiting, yeah it was worth the wait. There were some happy parts. Waiting is the best part,” junior and big time Marvel fan Drexel King said.  

It took just five days for Endgame to bring in over one billion dollars. This crushed every other box office record and it was just a few days in to its debut. 

A majority of fans take Avengers Endgame very seriously and avoid social media for a couple of days before they see it, to insure they remain oblivious to the final outcome. In Hong Kong a man stepped outside his theatre and very loudly spoiled Endgame for many fans who were waiting in line for their movie. The man was then severely beaten up for it.

“Some people waited most of their lives for this movie and to be spoiled of what was going to happen right before they walked in to see it is just awful,” Senior Garrett McDonald said. 

Here are some pros and cons of Endgame. One con for Endgame would be the unnecessary cursing they used in the movie. Their was some drinking of alcohol, and almost constant action and violence. A household and what a family values should be taken into consideration before letting kids seeing the movie. For the average Marvel fan this movie will be a reward for the long wait.