Zach Gage, Staff Reporter

BizTown involves important aspects of work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy, giving students from 5th to 6th grade a solid foundation of business, economics and free enterprise education.  Biztown’s mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.

Abe Lange, a 6th grade student at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy went to Biztown this year.

“Biztown was fun” Lange said

Lange worked at Arby’s this year and said he and other students had to hand out the food quickly so they made an assembly line.  Lange said he used core curriculum like math to help pay bills. Another student, Ashly Olinghouse went to Biztown this year. Before Olinghouse switched to Immanuel, she went to Biztown the year before, but this year it was different.  Olinghouse took the big role of becoming the mayor of Biztown. As the mayor, Olinghouse helped out around town and set up computers and surveys so she give out a “citizen award.” This year Olinghouse was mayor so she had to recite a big speech in front of everyone.  Teachers Valerie Cobb and Jill Duran are in charge of gathering Biztown information together. Both teachers help train students for Biztown as well as assist the students at Biztown. Cobb said that this year was extra special because senator Hoffman was at Biztown this year.  

Biztown this year was very helpful in making students see what it is like to be like productive workers.