A Small School in a Big World


Spencer Jennings, Social Media Editor

In a world where popularity and self-image is used to judge every individual, Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy has become caught in the mix. Every so often, there is a certain saying, type of clothing, or dance that becomes extremely popular for a short period of time.

These are known as “fads.”

Often times, the people that participate in fads are seen as being very up-to-date with trends and pop culture. This makes them popular and of course, with this popularity comes big responsibility. A popular person becomes a role model for others that want to follow the same trends and tend to reflect that person’s behavior.

This can become a very negative aspect inside of a Christian environment.

Students at Immanuel enjoy taking part in fads. Many times, they are not harmful to the Christian worldview that the school strives to achieve, but they can be.

For example, a fad could include a thought or word that is not very Christian-like. However, students at Immanuel mostly take part in fads that are not morally wrong.

Some of the words that are “hot” around the school at this point in time are “slap” and “drip.” Both of these words are positive adjectives that are used in pop culture.

Other fads that are not words include wireless headphones, the “Vans Challenge”, and the “Bird Box Challenge.” In the “Vans Challenge”, the participant throws a pair of Vans up in the air and let them fall freely. The shoes will always land right-side-up because of the way they are designed. The challenge is fun because people keep coming up with more intricate ways of throwing the shoes up in the air.

The Bird Box Challenge is based on the Netflix original movie, Bird Box, where the participants cover their eyes with a blindfold and try to do everyday activities.

Challenges are often done on social media platforms. They are usually videos in which people all across the country or world participate in the same action.

These videos will get recognition online from one’s followers and others if it becomes that popular.

Junior Brena Brown and Freshman Christian Thomas both agreed that participating in fads make you considered “cool.”

Sophomore Ramsey Al-Rawi agrees with this statement and adds, “Fads allow us to be a part of a larger society and express ourselves in such a small school.”

According to the students that were interviewed, fads should be embraced in the school. It is fun to participate in the challenges, and they allow students to make their social life a little more interesting.