Testing 3rd Graders?

Emily Clark, Copy Editor

This week, 3rd-9th grade students at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA) are busy with standardized testing. Starting today, these tests will be taken in an effort to determine where students are at in their learning. At Immanuel, the results of these tests are used solely for the betterment of the students. However, the public school system has set a very intimidating precedent for these exams which can be extremely unnerving to students who have never taken them before.

Gaige Rafferty is a 3rd grader at ILCA and this is his first year being exposed to standardized testing. Rafferty admits that he is a bit nervous about these upcoming evaluations.

“I’m nervous about getting some questions wrong.” Rafferty said.

John Winston, another 3rd grader at Immanuel who is new to our school this year, has taken standardized tests before at his previous school in Texas. Winston has never experienced standardized testing at our school. However, as a result of past experiences, he isn’t too worried about the tests that are beginning this morning.

“I’m not really nervous and I’m not really scared but, at the same time, I think I feel a little excited and comforted because I know how it is. I’ve done it before.” Winston said.

Winston also admits that part of the reason he is looking forward to standardized testing is the lack of homework that he will receive because of it.

Overall, standardized testing is not meant to be feared. It is merely an evaluation of skills that is used to determine how well students are doing in school and what measures can be taken to better the learning environment here at ILCA.