How Does Work Affect School ?

Many students at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA) have jobs outside of school. But how do these jobs affect school and other outside activities? Junior Brena Brown works at Charleston’s Restaurant. When asked how she manages her school work she said,

“I don’t work a whole lot of hours. I only work two to three times a week so it is not that difficult for me. This is my first paying job so it does get difficult when tests and things like that come around. ”

Freshman Zach Gage, who works at Scoops and Rolls, has a similar response to Brown saying,

“I only work on the weekends, so normally I can get my homework done before I go to work. But, my friends all hang out on the weekends… so a lot of the time I have to pick and choose what I want to do. I have a lot less free time than before. ”

Both Gage and Brown have reasons as to why they have started working. Brown started working because,

“I didn’t want my mom to worry about me anymore. I wanted her to feel and know that I could handle myself. I think it was a big step for me in being held accountable and being responsible.”

“My parents will not buy me a car…I needed to start working and making money in order to save up for my car since my parents won’t chip in.” Gage responded.

Junior Adam Zarski worked at a golf course during the beginning of the school year/ end of summer along with Senior Garrett McDonald. Zarski has a different experience working,

“I worked on weekends. Since I worked during the end of summer and the beginning of the school year, I had to make a few sacrifices in how I spent my time. Since it was still summer, everyone was hanging out still. But, I do admit I could have been smarter about my time working. I called in sick a few times just because I was too tired to go. If I could go back, I probably would have chosen to not do that as much. It was a poor choice on my behalf. The amount of homework I did also lacked.”

McDonald has a similar take on this,

“It was a struggle trying to keep up with everything. By the time I was done working I was too tired to do homework. All I wanted to do was relax or hangout with my friends. It made it even harder for me personally because I graduate this year and clearly colleges look at grades.”

Both McDonald and Zarski recommend working. They both think it can build leadership and great character skills in a person. For them, it was a great way to save money.

There are many pros and cons to working and being in high school. Everyone has a different experience and how they handle the situation. For most students, working benefits them and their lives.